Did Reilly expect to endorse the likes of Jenkins when he bought the Examiner ??

To the ‘cleanest’ political writers in town,

I’ve never met Gil Duran but I’ve been worried about his job for two years.

First, when he obeyed the dictates of management and went out and found a great Stanford expert to evaluate the performance of Chesa Boudin and printed the results which were positive.

Boudin and simply done a great job of doing what he said he would do.

Same for Brooke Jenkins in this election cycle.

Only what she promised to do and delivered was to dismantle the Reforms to the SF Criminal Justice that Chesa and his crew had assembled.

Apparently, to Clint Reilly and the people who buy his advertising in his various enterprises, keeping your promises is more important than what the fuck your promises were.

Clint’s call here will add many many butt fuck rapes as a natural consequence but Clint only cares about the wealth and status that accrues to same.

It will be very interesting to watch Duran’s copy for the next two weeks.

If the Examiner’s Editorial Page ‘boss’ still has a job there.

Me thinks he may be sipping expressos with Judge Kline.

Which leave it up to me to make the next move, huh ??

By, ‘me’ I mean not just dis Dawg but all of you too.

Y’all have a bit more insulation job-wise and I look forward to your comments as time goes ahead.

On my part, my Petition to Recall Mayor London Breed has dried out from its soaking in my backpack from water meant to mix with concrete mix and needs another ten signatures or so to be filed.

I’ll go ahead and do that.

And, hope my Editor in Chief or whatever doesn’t fire me.

Wait, as a one-man operation that’s me !!

Owner ??

Why, that’s me too !

Only fucking way you can guarantee an honest voice in a publication around here is to own it and have zero advertisers.

My endorsements for DA remain the same …

1 Hamasaki

2 Alioto

1 Hamasaki

2 Alioto

1 Hamasaki

2 Alioto

1 Hamasaki

2 Alioto

1 Hamasaki

2 Alioto

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Can you believe the Niners got McCaffrey ??

Wraps up a Super Bowl via a weak NFC weak Western Division route.

You heard it here first.

Go Warriors !!


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