The lady in the picture and all her ware were gone an hour later

Angela and gentlemen,

The lady in the picture’s info is written by her inside the cell phone cover here.

Is she really in trouble ??

You see the strangest things at 16th and Mission in San Francisco.

I’ve been buying odds and ends from her for a couple of years and never seem her obviously high or drunk or intoxicated or whatever in all of that time.

She just never fit here.

Look at her picture.

There’s another from a year or better back in my archives.

Once she had what looked like ink pen writing all over her lower legs.

I hope it isn’t tattoos.

I recall thinking that if it was tattoo that she could be a mermaid with right artist.

Whatever, she was gone an hour after she gave me that cell phone cover.

I remain at 286 Valencia #26
SF 94103
(415) 527-9993

Probably just another h. brown wild goose chase.

Like trying to get Matt and Chesa to run for anything.

Go Niners !!


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