Dawg prints Secret Cause of all U.S. illegal immigration problems


The Reason that so many millions of desperate people show up at the U.S. Mexican border is because they are running away from problems the U.S. created in their home countries.

Why the fuck doesn’t a single news outlet mention that simple fact and pursue it?

Why no mention of the fact that so many Venezuelans are showing up here because our government has implemented severe economic sanctions there as in Cuba to force their local governments out of power ?

Speaking of Venezuela and my sixth wife, the Turkish college professor …

Met her at San Francisco Residence Club in the mid 80’s when it was the finest remaining Old West style Boarding House in San Francisco.

All of the public areas and many of the rooms were decorated with fine antiques gathered by the landlady who had an eye.

People paid by the week, or normally, by the month and tho overnights were allowed it was only in rare cases.

We weren’t a tall Victorian just below the crest of Nob Hill renting rooms at an hourly rate.

Shit, you had to walk three blocks down the hill to the Tenderloin for that.

So, anyway, I’m the night caretaker and sometimes odd jobs guy at this place with a little room of my own over the back garden and, as the guy said in, ‘Apocalypse Now’," getting more ass that a toilet seat",

Went to Spec’s down the hill an easy hike (not so much coming back up the hill drunker than a hoot owl) …

Spent friday nights at Spec’s and partied like the sailor I’ll always be the rest of the time.

So, I’m getting to Venezuela and the Mexican border, just wait.

So, after catting around for a few months I hook up with this brilliant Turkish economist whose parents sent her to the most expensive private Residence club in San Francisco and booked her into a room in the formerly private residence of the private residence in the back yard of the creme de la creme club in town.

Idea was for her to pay a year in advance and attend english classes on a student visa tho she already spoke perfect english and could do business comfortable in 5 more …

Her grandfather was a Jew descended from those expelled from Spain in 1492 and Attaturk’s personal physician.

Her dad was personal banker for the generals who ran Turkey.

Guys were afraid of her.

Surely, in the most elite boutique City on Earth she could meet an eligible guy, right ?

She married the janitor.


Cost her all personal chances of advancing from a year of residency with the top Turkish economics guy who was teaching in Binghampton, N.Y. and then on for a tour with the IMF and back to Turkey to become the first female Turkish president (her grandfather, the Jew, had converted to please Attaturk) …

Instead, the government called her to-be Turkish professor mentor back to Turkey to become the Finance Minister and I ended up spending a year driving school buses along winding snow and ice covered roads alongside the Susquehanna River and cleaning offices at night.

But, I got ahead of myself.

Back to the SF Residence Club.

I knew everyone in the place pretty well and while they were an interesting lot of mostly Japanese and Swiss and Germans, there was this one native San Francisco there who really caught my attention and I got his too.

Guy was in his 90’s and was back to check and make certain that some furniture he’d had in storage for 70 years hadn’t been switched cause he said, they do that kind of thing.

We got to talking over the next month or whatever it was and he revealed a few things that were pretty amazing but also true.

His father was the captain of a sailing boat out of San Francisco and he raised the boy on the ship.

To give the child a playmate his dad had gotten a monkey for him somewhere and let them both run all over the ship.

When not fulfilling those duties, the critter was chained to the mainmast.

That was the situation in 1906 when he and his monkey were onboard and the great earthquake hit.

Fast forward a bit cause I’m working from a 40 year or so old memory here.

He wasn’t an engineer but, like George Kaiser, he performed that task in the real world.

He asked where I’d served in the Navy.

"Morocco." I replied.

"I built the airfield in Port Lyautey."

We conversed further …

"I built the first gas station in Venezuela, too."

told you I’d get there and there is much more for later …

Bottom line today ?

We should remove all embargoes and other sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela and pay the Venezuelans to cap all of their wells forever.

Like they’re nuclear dumps.

They’re just as dangerous.

We make the lives unbearable for millions of Americans living South of the Mexican Border by stealing their raw materials and precious minerals and land and labor and …

then,we assassinate their democratically elected leaders and install dictators who murder and …

and, we’re wondering why they come to us for help ??

Because we stole all of their wealth and they think this has to be the lace to go to share in it.

Go Niners in an hour !!


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