‘My 3 minutes’


I can recall times when Matt Gonzalez was prez of the BOS and he allowed 5 minutes for each member of the Public to speak on some items.

Board meetings sometimes met til well after midnight.

Matt was succeeded in what was then the top chair on the high top chamber dog throne by Aaron Peskin who promptly agreed to lower the seat of the President and then strove to shorten Tuesday Full Board meetings as much as possible.

I seem to recall his Record being 42 minutes but he can correct me.

I remember when I challenged the entire Bay Guardian staff to an online debate and Steven Jones replied online that it would never happen and then ensued about a week of the Guardian staff and others submitting something like 350 comments.

It was the most ever I was told except for the recording of differences of opinion amongst the Guardian readership regarding one Ross Mirkarimi.

I can recall Michael Ege giving his respondents time outs where they were banned from commenting on his, ‘Wall’ and they really cared.

You heard a variety of opinions in those days and they heard them loudly and you heard some of them longly too.

Not these days …

Mission Local’s rules are to keep your comments short or they will not print them.

The Examiner doesn’t publish Public Comments at all now but before Reilly banned them they had a rule where if two people complained about a post it was deleted.

Which meant that all of my posts were deleted.

I was banned a couple of decades ago from the Chronicle’s comments sections for liking Noam Chomsky or the Palestinian one or the other.

The Bay Guardian and SF Weekly both died in my arms.

The new SF Standard published my comments for 5 early minutes.

So, a good friend set up a blog for me.

Ahhhh, blogs.

The Methadone of outcast modern political dissidents.

You don’t have to limit yourself to 144 characters.

You can have a side project of photographing yourself in your birthday suit every birthday to record your Wrinkle Rate and the like.

You can curse like a mother fucking sailor.

And, it gives you a chance to be all alone.


Just going to 48 Hills to read comments on Mr. SF Living Local Political Archives, Tim Redmond …

Gone for a couple of years, buried under Marke B.’s money.

Writing this triggered by my reaction to watching the new Reilly, SF Examiner endorse Brooke Jenkins for DA and oppose moving Mayoral elections into same cycle as Presidential contests.

Reilly’s editors write that it will be too confusing for us dumb fucks.

Reminds me of the arguments against Ranked Choice Voting and District Elections.

Bottom line to me is that as an old Hippie I’ve come to conclude that things are supposed to be happening this way according to some Cosmic Script and that my own best course given those beliefs is to do the best I can, know when to leave well enuff alone and move to the next task but first and now, aways …

Stand back and try and observe the scene of the the brawl where you just got your ass handed to you yet again.

Gonzalez, best local politician I ever saw ?

Living up to pledge to not run again.

Boudin, second best ?

You got me by the ass with figuring out that one.

No free Public Comment out there.

No unbiased local print publications of any size.

My online readership has gone from 2,000 20 years ago to …

Around 50 if I read the WordPress chart correctly.

On a good day.


Doesn’t really matter to my way of thinking.

Know why ?

Cause I also believe that because our SF Voting Machines are counted by Proprietary Algorithms instead of Open Source that they can and are ‘hacked’ by those able to do so in order to insure victories for chosen candidates and issues.

Wouldn’t have mattered if Matt ran.

Or, Chesa.

They’d lose.

But like always, you gotta try.

Christian McCaffrey makes his Niner debut today.

Oh, you kid !!


I’m not alone.


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