With Duran gone I decided to try and reach Redmond


Marke B.’s money has Tim Redmond boxed in.

Didn’t think that much about it and had never tried to use 48 Hills, ‘Letters to the Editor’ til yesterday.


The receipt says that there will be no answer unless they choose.

That means the mail to Tim is still going thru anti-Dawg folks.

Means, basically that you can’t talk to Tim on his ‘own’ publication.

In fact, it seems to mean at least to me that the only publication in town allowing Progressive comments is Mission Local and they have warnings about talking too much.

However, if you wanna trash Progs and their candidates and issues ?

1. Chronicle

2. Examiner

3. SF Standard

4. West of Twinpeaks Observer (thanks to Quentin Kopp)

5. Marina Times

6. Grow SF

7. Neighbors for a Better San Francisco

8. SF Forward

9. Rescue SF

10. Together SF Action

11. And, 48 Hills is effectively hobbled

On Progressive Side ?

Mission Local



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