Why do none of you challenge the Feds right to close this facility for petty reasons … this is a land grab !!!


Talking about Laguna Honda here.

None of you but Redmond and the doc over at Westside Observer have the institutional memory of LBJ getting Medicare and Medicaid passed over JFK’s dead body.

Took some clever pencil pusher working for one of the Bush presidents to decide that the accountants should be given the power to close facilities for any mother fucking reason they wanted to.

But, they don’t close private places full of horrors.

Nope, they’re after the prime real estate atop that hill where the Alms house has been perched for 160 years.

And, all of you are allowing this to proceed w/out even a single mention that this could be a land grab that has been underway for decades.

It’s the Shorenstein’s playing a long con.

Like Blum did before he died with USPS.

Dianne got him 6 billion in real estate there with exclusive rights to sell at a 6% Guarantee.

Forget not that long ago when Blum was handed a hundred million in SFUSD land to sell exclisively ?

Anyone wanna guess what’s gonna happen to the Twitter building when Most leaves ?

Any of you even know that the building is owned by SFUSD ?

It’s a land grab and y’all are afraid that if you call if what it is that you’ll get labeled with that word that’s worse than the, ‘N’ word.

Biden could stop this in its track in an instant.

He won’t.

Feinstein and Pelosi control the CMMS purse strings and could simply cut the thief out of the quilt instantly too.

Me ?

Having some of you sometime read my work or talk to me is my only power.

I’m personally sitting watching a herd of cows grazing just the other side of my screen door twenty feet away.

See you after last vote is counted.

Go Niners !!


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