Dawg experiences at CTS and Clarion posted to Mission Local


I know this is long for y’all but if you’d just edit it and contain my link I’d appreciate it.

Hope Gil Duran doesn’t have a hard landing and glides into a better setting.

Fabulous piece as always.

That toilet from Kentucky came from Dawg pressure.

Watching my granddaughter who was still in diapers and they had had Janis Joplin’s toilet (what locals called little tile-topped beauty that matched every other one in the park) …

Rec and Park had kept the toilets in all parks closed since Angela Alioto as BOS prez drove around with bolt cutters and personally opened them all.

I presented pics to the City of Joplin and her band posing at the old bathroom (also, matched old Art Museum in GG Park) …

Couple musicians even on top of thing.

When I pushed I was told that the toilet was so stuffed with old blue jeans that they couldn’t get it unclogged.

At same period w/Class of 2000 in office the constructed new street lighting and sprinkler systems next to old systems ("there are two working sprinklers 13" apart" a gardener told me at the time) …

City paid to run the two systems simultaneously for years.

Personally, I replaced sewage sludge from around utility poles and along curb in Clarion Alley for entire block … with concrete.

For under a hundred bucks using broken cement bags from Discount Builders.

Created a combo compost heap/shitter in a corner by accident while weeding under murals.

Entire thing plus cleaning the place and prepping and painting several hundred feet of curb over the year for under five hundred bucks.

City workers paid for 200 of that w/off the cuff hundred buck contributions while touring my work.

Got a Petition to Recall Mayor London Breed sitting in the Sonoma country sun til after election with 3 causes.

1. Reversing SF Criminal Justice Reform
2. Failure to pave Clarion
3. Failure to put Porta Potties in front of Mission cop shop on one end (Valencia) and in front of the Pentecostal Church on other end (Mission).

Loved every minute of decorating my apartment out of Community Thrift at Valencia opening to Clarion and met some totally awesome people from here and all over the world there but met with opposition to my somewhat rogue operations.

I got a thousand thanks and offers of money and food all the way from my crib at 14th and Valencia all the way to Clarion just past 17th street but eventually was forced out of both store and Gallery Alley over ‘Trash Talk’.


Go Niners !!


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