Joe Eskenazi is the Progs, ‘last man standing’


Gil Duran removed from SF Battlefield by Clint Reilly.

Billionaire, Michael Moritz bankrolls what sounds like a slush fund for free parties for the elite.

Shit, I thought that was the job of the Sutton creation, ‘Friends of the SF Public Library’.

Moritz doled out the hundred dollar bills up to 3 million which should buy lots of paper hats and streamers and champagne.

He’s already got probably ten million or more sunk into SF Standard which got a few of us hoping when they hired Matt Smith and Chris Roberts.

The Standard is an online daily and imagine the ‘Swells Swills’ will happen daily as it is a direct copy of the, ‘Thirty parties in 30 days’ project from the Matt Gonzalez 2003 campaign.

Gil Duran is a special case.

He was the last honest Major voice with a prestigious platform from which to control and emote.

None at the Standard.

Now, none at Examiner.

Hasn’t been one at the Hearst Chronicle since Rosenthal made the deal with, Devil Willie Brown to allow the venerable De Young rag to turn bright red.

Grow SF and Neighbors for a Better San Francisco and Rescue SF and SFSOS (yeah, I know, they listened as their Sergeant at Arms, Ryan Chamberlain plotted my murder and was never questioned about it by FBI when they busted him a decade later for purchasing gray market poison to kill – "I tried it and it doesn’t work!" he complained to one supplier) …

Hey, remembered to close my parenthesis for a rare victory there.

So, those groups are funded by Right Wing billionaires also.

SF Forward is a Chamber of Commerce child and thus, looks down on the children of color at the other end of the school yard.

What I’m stumbling toward, like Henry Ira Cohen …

My point is that we’re 11 days out from election and 90% of the local political media is spewing Right Wing lies to an electorate that I once trusted to come up with ethical and moral ballots.

Other day a worshipped friend defended the Bush era born monster, CMMS that is eating Laguna Honda one live oldster at a time just to, like Jonathan Winters in ‘The Loved One’ …

Got the bodies and their coffins off his valuable land by making a deal with the government to send the corpses into Earth orbit on their way to Heaven.

So, SF Realtors aren’t sending dead people into inconsequential orbit.

Naw, they’re sending live old people to live in Private Capitalist Model nursing homes that do not match up to Laguna Honda.

If they can convince my friend that such moves might be necessary due to whatever fake reasons they can think of but which in the end are to get the people gone and to seize control of that valuable mountain top and make more bucks to pile atop their billions …

Well, my friend and all SF voters are getting 90% of their political info from Republican Billionaire Sources.

So, we’ll lose D-6 this pass and probably D-1 next year at least.

Could easily lose D-4 this year too.

It’s that darned, Fixed by London Breed via Arnold Townsend, 10 year ‘Resegregation Committee’.

Right now the Moderates control …

Office of Mayor

Office of City Attorney

Office of District Attorney

Police Chief

Fire Chief

All Emergency Services Management

All parks and street cleaning and repair

Trash contracts and water and sewer rates

All public and private transportation

Bottom line for me is that I’ve never been happier.

Came here to fight and have never stopped since I stuck that first Adlai Stevenson bumper sticker on a Cadillac in a rogue, Teamster annoyance.

I’m a Hippie and believe this is a Hell planet and it is supposed to be hard or you won’t earn any points in the Game of Life.

You know, I think the voting machines can be easily hacked thru their manufacturers too.

Long as they don’t have an, ‘Open Source’ tabulating algorithm.

Which they won’t have as long as John Arntz is SF Elections Director.

Same nationally.

People stopped complaining and insisting upon Open Source.

Cause (by my way of thinking) …

They don’t complain cause this is a game and game says that right now they’re not supposed to or things would get easier for the good and honest and ethical and righteous folks and they wouldn’t get stronger because of their trials.

Might seem unfair to you ??

Works for God

Brought my ballot up to Wine Country to do literal mail-in.

Go Niners !!


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