Here’s a glance at what Diebold’s Proprietary Code looked like 20 years ago


I vote just to be stubborn.

I’ve been convinced since 2003 that every election that matters to the ‘Ruling Class’ has been fixed.

I watched it done in a video.

Professor arranged for hackers to do their thing right in front of a Company Exec who swore it couldn’t be done.


If Leno gets ahead of Breed count two of the next 3 votes for Leno in favor of Breed until Breed wins by 1% and then erase yourself

As long as methodology of tabulation is Open Source will this not be possible.

All SF machines are Proprietary Source and can be hacked.

Dig this:

The spread of computerized voting has carried with it an enormous potential for electronic skulduggery. In 2003, Bev Harris, a citizen sleuth and the author of Black Box Voting: Ballot Tampering in the 21st Century, made a shocking and game-changing discovery: Diebold, then one of the primary manufacturers of voting machines, had left the 40,000 files that made up its Global Election Management System (GEMS) on a publicly accessible website, entirely unprotected.

Diebold was never able to explain how its proprietary tabulation program ended up in such an exposed position. Harris downloaded the files, and programmers worldwide pounced, probing the code for weaknesses. The wall of secrecy, said Harris, began to crumble.

GEMS turned out to be a vote rigger’s dream. According to Harris’ analysis, it could be hacked, remotely or on-site, using any off-the-shelf version of Microsoft Access, and password protection was missing for supervisor functions. Not only could multiple users gain access to the system after only one had logged in, but unencrypted audit logs allowed any trace of vote rigging to be wiped from the record.

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