Silence up here brings out my Tinnennitis however you spell it


Bummer big time on Paul Pelosi.

I’m 78 and have no guns.

Keep various blunt objects from a monkey wrench with a beret hanging over it to a hubcap pry bar with taped handle in reach from my bed.

I have a 150 year old baseball bat by my door.

That’s about it.

My best protection is a bunch of bad-ass fellow Vet neighbors.

Some of em, women.

This is home.

Last year mgmt and SFHA tried to force me out on a ruse.

145 SFHA employees were fired as mine was just one case and a Grand Jury nailed their asses with virtually no comment from the mainstream or any other Press.

Seems almost every renter in town has a personal story like mine.

This land will be valuable even after the inevitable nuclear attacks.

That’s why they stencil street names in the new concrete at all corners.

Everything else will be gone but surviving Realtors will still be able to deal cause it’s San Francisco with Location, Location, Location.

I’m not kidding, that is why they put the names like kids annoying masons or lovers carving on a wooden bench.

Geeez, I’m in a gloomy mood today.

Still trying to find a way to get that Tamalan 50mg into da dawg w/out more wrestling matches.

He takes everything else fine.

It’s a painkiller best I can figure and must taste terrible.

Not water soluble.

Won’t melt in tablespoon with honey over open stove flame.

Need a fucking hasmat suit to get the divided pill into him mixed with wet dog food or cream cheese.

He’s always been his own dog.

I respect that but he was five minutes from the Doggy Door in the Pearly Gates when I got here and if he dies on my watch I want it to be by dogicide.

That a new word ??

Calm is broken as two pairs of workers are here to work on the communications and AC systems.

Empty, you realize how big it is …

I’ll ask Cohens if I can share interior shots with you.

Out about a dozen windows you can gaze directly across a mile of pastures to the first lightly wooded rising golden fields to the East.

I watched them build this place one new bedroom and bath at a time and it’s kinda like a leggo construction to me.

I can remember getting a hand in one paint job or another for decades.

They lent me their big motorhome to go to Mt. Shasta alone to escape for a couple of weeks like I’m doing now.

I can recall how perilous the winding roads were and the silence.

All went well.

Then, I borrowed it to transport Dance Brigade for a long election cycle day and it worked fine …

W/out the back bumper which I knocked off pulling the rig out with Jens early that morning.

Snapped entire utility harness and it hasn’t been on road since.

Wonder if I could hook it up before they return ?


When geese fly.

The progeny of the famous goose flew over yesterday.

About 40 years ago a woman with a lake on her property (country then) around Santa Rosa fed a goose.

It got big and flew away.

Couple years later came back with a flock.

They’re still here yesterday in the late October sky over Penn Grove.

They don’t live here.

Just visit.

Like me.

Go Niners … killing time … til after election


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