Do you know where your hammer is ??


DA’s race over, kaput, sayonara …

I was telling Queen Bee that I can’t decide which channel I’m going to watch Brooke Jenkins on next.

Or, which of her outfits I like best.

I’d say of all the Politicos involved here that ‘Acting’ DA Jenkins profited most.

I’ve enjoyed the short campaign very much and I’m a tough judge.

Biggest surprise for me was Maurice Chenier.

Guy was/is terrific.

Seriously, just dial up the LWv 2022 SF Debate …

wait, I’m getting all these skills, let me dial it up and put it here as link

There, now let me put in an appropriate link to a song …

Got it …

Another question da Dawg got …

Someone should ask Trump if he’s re-elected, prez, will he Pardon DePape ??

I’ll get the spelling right as we go.

Now, listen to Peter Paul and Mary sing, ‘If I had a hammer’


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