Comment on excellent piece by Annika Hom at ML (Elberling)


Greed like Ms. Hom describes and some of its manipulations and absence of conscience can never be eradicated but it can be controlled.

FDR showed us that …

I’m still not good at posting stuff, so I’ll post my comment now and then go back and pick up a link to the ML piece …

h. brownsays:
November 3, 2022 at 6:51 am

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Carlos, Been schooled by your comments for years. Just amazing work, Annika. Y’all write like Joe. Greed and Capitalism combined with twisted rationalizations or no conscience at all gives us the present situation. We could tax our way out of it by requiring 90% tithe as FDR’s reforms mandated for a couple of decades. That and Labor Unions gave us a thriving Middle Class and an open path forward through free Public Education or damned near through the university level. Armies of lawyers hired by the Swells brought down the taxes and related regulations that shared the National Wealth and now most of the marbles are again, like deja vu all over again … The Wealth is almost all legally held by the top 1%. This is just one Capitalist, ‘Industry’ you’ve looked at Ms. Hom. With news controlled by the elite the common man ends up so snowed that he votes against his own economic interests cause he’s following the latest hate crusader against any, ‘enemy’ except the … Something’s gotta give. And, is … Go Niners !! h.

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