The Key to why you play and we Listen by Knopfler


Sharing some correspondence one 80’ish St. Louis native on the West Coast to another on the East Coast joined forever in music from Source at, ‘h. brown’s’ in St. Louis 46 years ago.

Becky, never found the can opener.

Walking (plan) to 7-11 tomorrow morning before Niners and will get cheapo and cigars and Sunday paper to read at my silent leasure.

Strange to not worry about playing loud music cause nearest neighbor is at least quarter mile away but I don’t play it that loud anyway.

When I turn everything off the silence is such that it is only time I really hear my Tinnitis.


Neska says we already have the script for a play called, ‘Spots’ just in our correspondence.

We’ll see.

Plenty of time.

80 is the new 18.


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