Crook, John Arntz gives BOS Majority to Mods


There are lots of good people working at the SF DOE.

The Director is not one of them.

All you have to do is glance back a couple of months when Arntz choices for the Ten Year Redistricting process for the City.

It was ugly ugly ugly.

No one should have been surprised.

Uncle Tom Task Force head, the Reverend Arnold Townsend played Race Traitor as he has so many times before and the result was a loss for Progs (first in 22 years) in District 6 …

And, D-4 to conservative, Joel Engardio.

Jenkins, of course, with about ten million bucks in free Publicity in the last week.

That’s gonna make for a tough year ahead for Lefty shit disturbers like me.

Cops are free to do whatever the hell they want or nothing at all.

Be interesting to track how many Total Years are levied under the changing administrations.

Millions and maybe billions to keep more of our citizens behind bars as the Privatized Prison Industry does what Capitalist corporations do what capitalists do which is cut corner to raise profits and cutting corners here means things like not treating a gun shot wound for a day until the prisoner was transferred to another facility.

Folks, I have a Masters in Special Ed from Clemson and I’ve worked with Severely Emotionally Disturbed adolescents in one capacity or other for 40 years and the …

The American Criminal Justice System is Unfair and Needs Reform !!!

Could be lots worse.

We beat Chiu next November along with Jenkins and Recall Breed and that could and it is a real possibility …

Would be about as radical a swing of the sharpened SF Political Pendulum asI’ve seen here in 4 decades.

Unless Arntz goes in the tank with those Proprietary algorithms that count our votes.

I don’t say John does it.

I’m saying he allows others to.

What makes it so obvious is that he’s refused to adopt Open Source counting systems for Giants and Niners and Warriors fans score cards.

We’ll come back.

Nationally, not looking so bad at near 2 am Eastern time as Election Day 2022 counting continues.

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??


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