Dawg vote which is an omen got into box at 4:20 pm on dot.

Got up at 4 am and have worked continuously in last 13 hours.

Doing some last passes on the carpet/doggie run while I traced down w/out luck then found with shit luck …

my ballot

is filed

I voted on everything instead of skipping judges and people I don’t know.

Gave em all a pass.

Don’t think I saw a Green anywhere.

Polling place here about a mile away and it’s like a TV show with all of the new Sonoma State buildings and spanking new roads and cookie cutter looking/Norman Rockwell looking perfectly groomed white oldsters (maybe 8 and I was one of two voters) …

Couple of 13 or 14 year olds learning the ropes.

Left half of a three dollar cigar on bench across from small flag and other patriotic things decorated community center and there was no one around and when I came back it was gone which means someone musta watched me approach and within 5 minutes trashed my cigar and disappeared.

Certainly no homeless took it.

Nearest one is …

Gonna put Returns on all screens and settle in.

Another day here and probably come back on Smart Train thursday morning on down to Larkspur Ferry and I’ve never taken Smart Train and not on my Bucket list but is now.


Go Niners !!

Go Hamasaki and Alioto … that Chenier guy ain’t bad either.


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