I forgot my ballot 50 miles from here and it is 3:25 am


I’m very serious about voting.

Missed once in last 42 years when I was here.

Otherwise I voted wherever I was.

I’m sitting a friend’s dog and keeping up with the local twists and turns and figured I’d fill out my ballot up here and mail it.

Long as it has a post stamp before midnight I’m cool, huh ?

Good idea but I must have left my ballot on my front room table in San Francisco.

Thought for certain I’d put it in one of my two computer bags.


Is this a sign, the old Hippie asked ?

A test of some kind ?

So, a friend (Robert Long, should be my neighbor but that’s another story) has been getting my mail so I looked up his number and it wasn’t on my list but I knew he’d called me and there was his name when I looked but no number and when I punched it to get his number his phone rang in SF.


Cause, I didn’t get it all first time and wrote it in ink on a counter which took comet and Dawg EG to remove and he must think I’m an asshole calling him at this hour.

I’ll try again tomorrow and I’m trying to act like it’s not a big deal and holding my breath and …

I reaaallllyy wanted to vote for Hamasaki and Alioto and that Chenier guy definitely good for third.

And, to vote Yes on H for a change.

All Green State and Local except for Bonta who wouldn’t take a cop case away from Boudin and Pelosi who got my VA Voucher changed from Site Specific to Open which got me my little nest overlooking a busy intersection.

Raining in soft but steady soaking pour here for last couple of hours.

Hope it is in SF too.

Go Niners !!


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