My ballot may be in Cuba at Guantanamo

Angela Alioto first to write about my ballot in alarm !!


The Cohens, my best friend whom I’m watching Henry for are in Cuba visiting their son who is a Navy lawyer at the prison.

Daniel said he wasn’t going to vote as he left he’s French but a naturalized I think they call it, American, and can vote but was too disgusted and I told him that he should take his ballot to Cuba and it would be a kick to vote from there and maybe I handed him my ballot by mistake?

So, I try to call Becky and the call is blocked.

So, to see if my phone still works I dial myself and get this:

"Please enter your password"

Is that a back door for the FBI/CIA/VA/SFPD h. brown Task Force ??


the drama continues

Keep in mind, my children that I am a Hippie who believes in ‘Pre’ and also ‘Post’ Destination so there are no accidents and I’m like the billionth Soul to play h. brown so I’m just following the script and enjoying it at the moment.

It’s a lesson in how important a single vote is.

Did you know that Donald Trump actually only lost the Presidential Race in 2020 by a single vote ??

It’s true but Hillary is covering it up.

Hey, I keep writing shit like that and start getting scanned by any but Security Agencies, I might get my Platform back …

More on ballot as day continues …

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