Buried the Solid Silver 1944 half dollar with Ben and the Bird


Lotta death around and near death.

My Son-2 In Law, Chris Cummings died last week and none of us will every stop grieving that guy.

The dog (Henry Ira Cohen) was one ‘signature’ from death two weeks ago and he’s staggering around better than me now.

My cat, Ben, was the best friend I ever had in my life.

13 years from South Carolina to St. Louis to Alaska to San Francisco

lots other places too

Got him buried in field away from house

This morning there was a dead sparrow by the back door.

No visible trauma.

I’d never marked Ben’s grave cause his spirit is always with me and hadn’t walked out to his grave on this two week stay but took the bird as a sign that I should honor him so I buried the bird with deep shovel of soft partially sand dirt and on a whim I put the cherished fifty cent piece in with the Bird and Ben.

An Artifact of Love that is important because i loved the new ‘good luck’ piece and wanted to share it with Ben.

Plus, what cat doesn’t want to wake up to a dead bird and a half buck anyway.


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