Comment to ML on Mar’s loss

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Joe, How can you say that Gordon was never ideologically aligned to the District when he and his Twin brother were chosen to represent it for Twelve friggin years in a row? Mar lost because the Mayors ‘Resegregation’ Task Force moved the lines and put … Like Catch-22 when someone snuck in and moved the string lines on the target chart to put the dangerous target as now behind Allied lines and no longer somewhere they have to fly and risk getting shot down … Everyone cheered as they entered the room in the morning: “Must have taken it last night.” Same thing happened to Mar. They moved a large section of his voters out of his District by moving a string pulled by Reverend Arnold Townsend controlled by Puppeteer, London Breed. The People are still voting the same way. It’s just that now they are voting their same way in a different district w/out moving. Happened to me. Imagine how crushed I was to lose Mandelman as my rep. lol h.

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