Can one of you help Susan ??

Close friends with Power,

I’ve been buying trinkets from this woman on the sidewalk for a couple of years now and have photographs then to now.

She is the one who wrote me the number of a person she thought was going to kill her down and I published it, probably October 24th or 25th.

I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and she went from the ‘what are you doing here’ looking 40’ish blonde to the picture below.

Today was the worst.

She didn’t want any help and had clearly taken quite a beating.

If any of you have contacts with any agency that might see her at her near constant spot at 16th and Mission on the NorthWest corner sitting at first spot.

She was calling out for help when I wrote the Column on 24th or so and my only gesture was to give her five bucks and take her picture and put it on my blog.

Ideas ??


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