Nothing like opening all windows to air out the house as you do the laundry and clean the floors and carpet in the bright sunlight thru the triple-bay over 14th and Valencia instead of the Bay


Nothing compares to first long hot shower after you’ve been sick.

On 19th of last Month (October 2022) I finished a couple of hard months work cleansing Clarion Alley and concreting the problem spots.

I weighed in at 115 lbs, lowest since primer school.

Got that back up to 125 in couple weeks by just not burning so many calories.

Then, my friends returned from Cuba and everything was hunkey dorey until friend went into the hospital and I watched Henry here for couple of days and the shit, literally hit the fan.

Worst thing was that my friend’s operation did not go well as the doctor who performed it estimated 2 to 3 hours with a robo thing and it went 6 with him having to go in manually.

And, he announces that he’s tested positive for Covid.

And, I get a bad case of the shits.

What with changing Henry’s diaper and then my own it got pretty gamey around here.

Thus, my notes on airing out a sick house and doing the laundry.

Reminded me of when I was a little kid of old Italian movies.

Pray for my friend, Becky.

It’s a tough mend for that Cohen this time around.

bless you all,


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