ML joins Chron and Standard pretending Arntz has no Open Source conflict


Well, I swear … I never thought I’d see the day.

Mission Local done pulled all of da Dawg’s comments on Voting director matter.

And ??

My only comments were that I thought that the Commission should take the middle road and offer Arntz a two year extension of his contract dependent upon his bringing an Open Source vote count to San Francisco by then.

The fucker has had twenty years to study it ?!!?

Oh yeah, he should take apart Vendor Bennett’s, "Well oiled machine" and give us a system that cannot be hacked.

That’s the main issue here.

I’m not saying that Arntz should be in prison along with the Dominion people for fixing elections for the last couple of decades.

I’m just saying that it is possible with our current Dominion machines.

"Can’t count ranked choice."

Give me a friggin’ break !!

Amazing thing here is not that Joe has a different opinion than me.

It is that he has gone so far as to erase my side of the argument.

Overboard goes the last of my shipmates.

I’m just glad I’m tied to the mast.


Go Niners !!

And, of course I still love and support Mission Local.

I’m also a sponsor of Manny’s.

And, Richard Hongisto.

And, Dick Sklar.

And, Ted Lakey

And, Harvey Rose

And, Matt Gonzalez

None of them would ever delete a cogent rebuttal.

Go Niners !!


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