Scott Weiner played pro basketball in Russia with Matt Taibi !!


These are tidbits most don’t know cause either the politicians were ashamed of them for some reason or thought they’d look bad on their Resume’ …

Matt Taibi, the Lefty writer played pick-up ball in Duke’s gym with Weiner somewhere around 1990 and recruited the gangly ("Russians called him, ‘Ichabod’ " said Taibi …

"We never called fouls and he took quite a beating cause he’s so thin but he reminded me of Bob Petit with his jump shot and I recruited him to play with me in Russia in St. Petersburg and with me as the ‘muscle’ and Weiner’s perimeter shooting we won the League title in 1992."

Also, did you know that Weiner was also in the same Harvard graduating class as David Chiu and David Campos too ??

Just saying.

What are Niners doing ?

I can’t afford the broadcasts and stealing them takes more technical skills than this Dawg possesses so I watch ten minute compressed summary after the game with game sounds muted and Gypsy Kings playing in background.

It comes across as kinda a battle between two teams of mixed weight lifters and ballet dancers with that music and no commetcials.

Ask Matt Taibi about Weiner in Russia.

He gold me:

"h., I don’t think Weiner missed a free throw in two seasons."

Go Niners !!

(sometimes I can tell how the game is going when patrons from the patios of two Valencia Street high end restaurants under the Levis factory wall start yelling during the game)


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