Boudin’s victory in Humphries to details of Judge Kline’s life going back 4 decades … a wonderful novelette published by the guy who fired Gil Duran .. Put it on audio and work around the house as you listen for like an hour …

Law friends,

This story on Judge Kline’s return to Juvenile at 84 to confront himself 41 years ago.

You know, I’m 78 and can relate.

41 years ago what were you doing and how have you changed ?

I was 37 I was just divorced from my 5th wife, a wonderful Japanese lady I met at the Kenmore a few years earlier when I was a painter and married my 4th wife who was a German film maker who has gone on to some prominence in Australia.

I was night and weekend caretaker living in the tail end bottom unit of an exclusive little Victorian Boarding House (I should do a book on just the Boarding Houses I’ve lived in in SF and my wives thereof)”

I digress …

Good pot and strong black coffee with 3 tablespoons of raw honey, a banana and tangerine are breakfast …

Listen to this article being read to you and it will make you appreciate that it is even here …

Go Niners !!


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