Examiner late to dance, wears no panties as offering


The SF Examiner weighed in about a week late on the SF Elections Director Sweepstakes but did some serious ass smooching to make up for their tardiness to the formation of the …

San Francisco Cult of John Arntz

While just a week or so late to this story, they were a couple of months late in announcing that the Elections Commission had done a Partisan hack job on redrawing district lines.

Examiner solution ?

Fire all of the Commissioners.

Now Clint Reilly can say that he called for Commission reform and it won’t matter for Ten more years.

Anyone recall what the Elections Commission was like before it was given its present composition in a Massive Matt Gonzalez overhaul of Mayoral power that finally took away some of Willie’s clout.

Before Gonzo’s reforms Willie Brown appointed all the Commissioners !!

What a disappointment Reilly has been to me.

But then, I never even knew the guy.

You just get it in your head the way someone is going to be after you’ve taken a single event like Reilly not getting the Ex and blown it into a belief in your head that Clint Reilly must be a great guy.


In fact, Reilly not getting the EX then led to a situation where under the leadership of Warren Hinckle at point and Adriel Hampton as City Editor …

Examiner was best paper in Sf for two years.

PJ O’Rourke was the name ?

Samson Wong

Frank Gallagher

JK Dineen

And, I told you this morning or meant to when I sent you the NYT article on Chesa Boudin’s rise in the national political hierarchy with his handling of the Humphries case …

Also, Times writer, Jesse Barron …

Article …

‘The murder case that came back to haunt a judge’

Reprinted from New York Times Magazine

Dig the audio version thru my link of Dawg earlier today.

Which, back to my point …

When I’d finished listening to the reading I told myself, I said …

"Self, this piece will not be available in the Examiner by nightfall because by then someone who was also in charge of deciding whether to follow the Elections director case had read the fucking thing."

Meaning the Barron article, of course.

What the fuck did you think I was talking about.

Do I have to do everything around here ?

I guess so.


Go Niners !!


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