Folks, here is NYT article Examiner posted then deleted in 12 hours

My friends,

Unfortunately for San Francisco, unless you are a New York Times subscriber are an avid reader of subway literature, you weren’t quick enuff to catch this piece which was only posted for a cup of coffee in length til Clint Reilly got up and had his morning coffee.

If the link to audio is intact, use it cause this is one very long piece and worth every second of time you spend with it.

Us, from an objective outside observer.

Only thing Barron didn’t mention about Judge Kline was that he is not in favor of fair and free elections where judgeships are at stake.

In 2018 when three Public Defenders with decades of combined experience entered races for Superior Court seats, Kline passed around a letter for other judges to sign denouncing any judge who allowed the candidacies.

Maybe he’ll come back in another 41 years and admit this was an error when he’s 125.

The piece …

Again, do the audio if avail … wonderful reporter/reader


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