Open Note to Tim Redmond, Dean of Local Journalists


Redmond is that to me.

‘Dean’, I mean.

We all think that we’re right or at least damned close before we publish anything and I get extra freedoms (liked cursing) cause I have a one man shop.

So, I often write bullshit unintentionally and sometimes intentionally when I’m trying to be satirical and avoid lawsuits and possibly death I sometimes joke.

For Reality Checks I always go to Redmond’s columns cause he’s like fucking Joe Friday with nothing but the facts mam.

Today he did not have the facts.

About Arntz and Open Source algorithms for counting our votes in the City and County of San Francisco.

Reason being ?

We presently have our counting done using private codes that have shown to be vulnerable to various hacking methods including in some machines (See Harper’s article from 2012 by Victoria Collier on hacking) …

The Collier article noted that a whistleblower or something put one of the manufacturers Proprietary Codes online and it was a hacker’s delight.

Could even be accessed remotely to change votes then change votes and then erase the commands to do so.

So, I and many concerned citizens want San Francisco to follow the lead of LA and present a plan to give our City its own Open source counting systems.

Thataway, we can be certain as possible that at least SF votes are safe.

John Arntz has opposed this for 20 years.

I’ve suggested that instead of giving Arntz a new 5 year term that they should give him 7 years.

Contingent upon him delivering a San Francisco Open Source vote counting system.

I went back and listened to Elections Commission hearing where a vendor said they could provide an Open Source system complete to count Ranked Choice in 2 weeks.

For mother fucking free !!!

Arntz said ‘no’ and blamed it on the Secty. of State who had already approve the trial LA version.

So, two years to implement a system he’s been studying for 20 years and pretending not to understand (slow learner?).

Then, he does that and he gets an additional extension to his contract thru 2030 ??

Not bad, huh John ?

So, anyway, Tim … you are mystified and I just told you the truth.

I’m what the Commission president called:

"a small but zealous cohort" who longs to Open Source Voting.

When I wrote this in the ML comments section on the subject, Joe deleted all of my Clarion call.

Go Niners !!


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