And, of course … Linda’s masterpiece … ‘White Bird’


We’re friends for ner on 50 years now and she had this huge flat by the lake in Oakland for years and it was totally Hippie Hippie with a bunch of cats and hanging gauzy things hanging and lotsa Orthodox Jewish things and the big grand piano and daughter Kira and a huge black guy on Raiders practice squad (made big roster while there and 3 other Raiders helped him set it up in back room he rented from Linda_ …

Used to ride over there on back of Eddie Van Zandt’s motorcycle across Bay Bridge at 80 mph and I remember thinking that Eddie was one of those guys I thought too cool to hang out with me in high school like Roscoe and now I was living with Roscoe and the ‘farm’ crew at ‘Vicksburg’ and hanging onto Eddie all high risking our lives to go over and see the Rock Star and …

Here’s Linda:

Go Niners !!


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