Comments to Mission Local

Fabulous piece as always.

Went by DOE and picked up copy of study they did in 2018:

City and County of SF
Open Source Voting System
Feasibility Assessment

60 pages and I was first person they said in 4 years to ask for a copy ??

Page 60 says San Francisco prefers model BDFL

‘Benevolent Dictator for Life’

and, warns about people like me who support, ‘Open Source’ …

"There is also the possibility that foreign players or those who wish to taint the process could become involved as part of the ‘Open Source’ community."

You rock !

Also, do you know about Tom Matte, halfback of Colts who took over for injured Unitas (Johnny had his throwing arm in a sling and only took it off to go back out on the field and throw completions to Raymond Berry) … Matte won SFL Crown.


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