Open Source Voting … SF did feasibility assessment already


Turns out SF did something called:

Open Source Voting System Feasibility Assessment

In 2018

Gotta see if DOE has free copy.

Perused it online and the fucker is written to not only keep Arntz in charge of the Counting Process but the City notes that they will call the person in charge (I shit you not) …

‘Benevolent Dictator for Life’

Are you kidding ?

Last thing you want is Arntz and his machine buddies having any overriding authority on anything.

In fact, the machine people (Dominion ?) shouldn’t be involved at all as it would be pure conflict of interest fox in chicken coup again.

Woke up thinking about Voting Machines.

That shit ever happen to you ?

Used to wake up with a hard on.

Now, it’s Open Source code ?


Niners win Super Bowl with 3rd String QB ?

Sure, in 1958 as I recall, before it was called ‘Super’, Johnny Unitas went down and a halfback named Tom Matte came in and played.

And, same era, don’t forget that while Bart Star was under center for the Classic Packers, Paul Hornug, his halfback had been All American QB at Notre Dame.


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