SF’s fear of spies 4 years ago !!


New copy of SF DOE’s Open Source Voting System – Feasibility Report has pure Trumpian fear tactics to call for designation of Tyrant over Voting in SF

The City of San Francisco will be making a significant investment in this project to get it off the ground. It is also responsible for the very involved and specific certification process that the State requires. There is also the possibility that foreign players or those who wish to taint the process could become involved as part of the Open Source community. For these reasons, and for the purposes of this assessment, it has been assumed that the City of San Francisco maintains a position of final authority and therefore the Benevolent Dictator for Life model is best suited. 7.5 Open Source Governance – Key Roles This section explains the key roles6 within the model for Open Source development 7.5.1 Benevolent Dictator – Project Lead Role

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