Why is Mission Captain afraid of People of Mission ??


Pardon my poorly centered shot of Dennis Herrera.

Ran into him at da Dome coming back from Elections office and had to photograph him after what must be a decade.

Photos following are of …

two Sheriff’s deputies and how can you tell they’re good guys ??

Cause they’re older which means they were hired by Michael Hennessey and Michael was the best Sheriff in the U.S.A. for 32 years.

Other two shots are of the ‘Demonstration Against Robo Cops’ !!!

Maybe two dozen protestors tops and over a dozen news outlets from all over the country before them waiting for something to happen.

Good fucking luck with that one, Leonardo.

Nothing happening there and certainly nothing happening 8 hours later at Manny’s down the street from me where the Police Chief was scheduled to speak but Manny related to the people who hadn’t heard of the cancellation by the District Captain who decided that the size of the demonstration could likely be more than he could handle and he’d like more cooling off.

Well, shit !!!

He thinks 16th and Mission is tough today ??!!??

Manny went ahead with the 20 or so people in attendance and one of the first speakers related that she’d been in the neighborhood for 7 years and never seen it this bad.

A couple of others said much the same.

I left.

That Irish SFPD Captain from Mission requested within the last year that the City build a defensive wall on the sidewalk in front of Mission District Station.

Well, shit !!!

He thinks 16th and Mission is tough today ??!!??

Well, I’ve been here for 42 years and you used to get murdered in that intersection just for wearing the wrong color clothing !!

Oooops, my bad !

The murder rate here is less than a third of what it used to be.

Now let me tell you a secret that isn’t a secret to any of us old timers.

The San Francisco average cop is about a third of what they used to be too.

I tossed in a year of street cleaning from my crib at 14th and Valencia on down to Clarion Alley just South of 17th and directly across from the Mission cop shop.

I did it for free and lots more while my wasting ass holds up.

Know what I never saw a single time in a year ?

A cop on Foot Patrol.

I guess the District Captain thinks the Mission streets are too tough for his cops.

Sadly, he may be right.

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Go Niners !!


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