From August 2022 ‘Politico’ site on ‘Def Con’ and their ‘Voting Machine Village’


I’m schooling myself in this for you.

Cause, as a Hippie with my own beliefs, I think everything is preordained anyway and I can only hope to give my best and if it is possible to hack these machines and systems and we know that it is … ???

Which of elections national and local and grade school have been fixed ??

Was Suzy really voted the best looking girl in School ???

See, as an old retired pothead I can laugh about it and do.

I think I’m just following a preordained script as I said and right now the energy seems to be around my researching and writing about these Voting Machines while Elections Commission sits on the Arntz as, ‘Benevolent Dictator for Life’ which is, insanely, what page 31 of his departments 2018 Feasibility Study on Open Source Voting says …

Early reading I’m just doing seems to indicate that the only way we can get an honest vote is to stand in the Town Square and hold up our hands.

Cept, there’s always this guy who’ll hold up his Dead Father’s Hand too.

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