For all of you Dead Heads … Garcia in 1977


Good to mend that fence.

Silly clashes mean little weighed against 46 years of dear friendship.

I have a little 5" or so plaster toucan sitting on window shelf beside me.

These are better times vis a vis opportunity to present something to a broad audience.

My blood pressure now is 90 over 45 as I regulate my treatment drugs with an actual team of doctors I’ve been a patient of at SF VA which is great.

I should be up to 110 over 60 or better.

Put in a few words, I’m fine.

True, that I’m walking more like the President now but I can still do good hills and 90 minutes of it.

I want to do a podcast and now’s a good time to put it together.

I learned how to point the camera and click and have maxed out photo storage on my phone plan that has been covered by the Cohens.

I need to get enuff space to do videos and to place the cameras I have all over the room and coordinate them alone cause that’s key and possible.

The ‘big’ messages I have that are ‘religious’ in nature have been done to death.

Little ones like making life into a game of Demons and Angels will be fun and I do have that Special Ed curriculum lying around somewhere.

I have an exercise for my Student Security Force reborn that I call simply …

Active Shooter Alert

I got some miles left in me and it’s raining here and it is wonderful wonderful wonderful …

Got side project collecting signatures to ‘Recall Mayor Breed’ but that’s no hurry and I intend to dump it after I get it filed.

By, ‘dump’ I don’t mean forget it; just pass it on to some other group which will surely have filed a Petition to Recall by now.

I went down to DOE last week and they hadn’t even rewritten the SF Charter Recall provision to match just passed Prop H yet.

‘Prop H’, huh ?


Last, ‘Prop H’ was to recall Chesa as I remember.

So, Billy, what are you doing … music ? you used to make great clothing and hats out of leather.

Really cool custom leather artist just opened in next block.

Come visit.

Go Niners !!

Brock Purdy vs Tom Brady ??


On Fri, Dec 9, 2022 at 8:19 PM Bill Teague <whteague> wrote:

Most certainly old friend. Love makes the world ‘go round’ after all they say and the Prince of Peace the reason for the season indeed

And I’m old enough to well remember vintage ’77 eh? …. twas a good year. Was just telling someone about Toucan Katy the other day matter’o’fact .. 😉

Glad you’re still kickin’ Mr Brown


"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD" Isa1:18

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