We have over 100 schools to house the Homeless

Great ideas h.Watch the amount of opposition
Hint: the city does not want to cure and prevent the goose that lays the golden egg. On top of laying the holden egg that goose also hides the golden eggs under their mattresses.

As to security….another great idea..that one has more of a chance.

I have 17 cases against the City for racism….of all the racist corps I have sued, the City of San Francisvo is the worse(and you might recall I didnt sue the City for 25 years these are the first city cases) To bring the point home, 7 of these cases have settled passed all naloney hearings including the mayors stamp of approval…and here we are STIIL 8, 6, 4 Months away from settlement and NOT ONE PAYMENT…..private coporations pay within 14to 30 DAYS! The failure to pay my clients is just an added layer of racism on top of the racismin the original causes of action…just stunning.

Ok back to work!

Kamilah the miracle is just great…se pic…and today the National Shrine of Saint Francis and our Porziuncola is being given back to the Knights of Saint Francis with the installation of the new rector!

Keep the ideas coming!

Pax wt Bonum,

PS Adolfo daugther Francesca kicked butt yesterday on her soccer team statewide (arizona) will send you video..she is tough…like me ..LOLOLO

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Ever have a brainstorm and you just gotta get outta bed and go write it down before you forget it ??

Even if it’s not a new idea even for you.

Somehow it works when fit together with other modules.

We occupy our school buildings with around 50,000 students daily which is at least 5 times the number of Homeless in last count I saw which was eight thousand something.

Yet, we only have kids in the building for 8 or 9 ours tops.

And, we pay to keep the buildings warm and clean with running water and working drains.

If you can bath and send a 50 man football team home inside of an hour, you can certainly do multiples of that in the 16 hours the high school locker rooms are available.

On School Security

Got a new idea there.

The Security Teams I sent out at Potrero Hill Middle School a quarter century ago were 8 in number and there were ten of them rotating daily.

I had over 300 volunteers for a Student Body of 500.

It was easy.

All you have to do is add Active Shooter drills and that many orange vested students in the Halls with clipboards knowing where to go and what to do in what Emergency constitutes the Core Purpose of an All Student Security Force.

So, if your Active Student Force is 80 daily to protect 500 students that means that theoretically you could man the halls of a K-8 school easily by enlisting volunteers from the top 4 grade levels.

Of course, that means Middle Schools would become a thing of the past and good riddance I say as a retired Middle School teacher.

These shooters go into schools with little kids cause if they went into a high school it wouldn’t take long for them to be hanging out a window somewhere or they would have been at McKinley High School in St. Louis in 1960.

So, two thoughts I got outta bed to write down …

First, we have plenty of showers and warm dry buildings available to more than house all of SF’s Homeless Community 5 times over.

Second, Student Security Forces are the wave of the Future as well as of the past and I was Captain of the Patrol Boys at Clinton Peabody K-8 Grade School in St. Louis.

You won’t be able to stop every killer from getting into a School.

But, if you’re prepared, you can cut the damage.

Niners in 11 and a half hours !!


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