Dawg throws another log on Homeless Fire


Eskenazi is investigating whether the City should provide Safe Injection Centers and I tossed in how to cut the problem in half for less in comments section of the excellent piece.

Of course I favor injection facilities to be part of a much larger Full Time facility which should be right back inside the City Auditorium and toss out the Shark Show Biz folks due to emergency at the door.

Bring back Alex Tourk’s Homeless Connect !!

And, make it permanent.

My comment …


Base problem is world overpopulation.

We need to cut the number of people by half for starters and best way I can think of to do that is to give adults ten thousand dollars to get sterilized.

First people in line would be the junkies.

Take ten million of the City’s Homeless budget and assign it to a ‘Mash’ style tent in front of City Hall to do the vasectomies which are an office procedure and you could have a thousand degens shooting blanks of which Ionesco would approve.

Fox news would have a field day and spend money booking rooms for their crews.

That from your ‘SFBulldog … Often wrong but never Silent

On Purdy ?

He’s poised because the game Sunday was the 47th game he’s been starting QB in the last 4 years.

I doubt any 49’er has played that many games in a row.


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