Peskin’s Poison Playing Pitches Petering out


Credit where credit’s due.

Even if it’s a long time coming.

Same for blame.

14 years ago Aaron Peskin shepherded through a really and truly fucked up deal on behalf of the Fisher boys.

Donald’s sons.

Or, grandsons was it ?

Doesn’t matter fact of the matter is that sneaking like thieves in the night stealthily through the legislative process Aaron got the billionaire charter members of SFSOS permanent ownership of all paying soccer fields in San Francisco.

And …

they pave them with cancer causing ground rubber tire remains.

When the matter first came up I jumped up and down on the sidelines with others screaming that these fields were not only poisonous but that they replaced god knows how many square feet of co2 producing grass and shit like that.

Oh, it was just great said Aaron cause the Fisher boys were gonna pay for it all and the only thing they wanted was concession rights.

Charged so much for teams to rent the fields for practice that one club that had been in Golden Gate Park for a hundred years had to move to Marin cause it was cheaper.

Worst thing Peskin did ?

After a prolonged hearing on one field that caused much metaphoric blood and sweat and tears …

As everyone is exhausted and gathering their things Aaron calls out to the rising BOS trying to head for the door …

Aaron says …

"Hey, listen, why should we go through this with every field; let’s just let the Rec and Park boss make the call in the future."

Fucking idiots on BOS bought it kinda like they abandoned Open Source Voting under pressure.

I kept asking what were they gonna do with the poisonous rubber from the fields when they wore out in ten years ?

And, who’d pay to replace them ?

Got answer to both questions today when I accidentally landed on SFGTV pic of Rec and Park …

Well, the Commission OK’d replacing one of Peskin’s Pitches today.

Cost is over 5 million.

Fishers nowhere to be found.

It will cost you and your General Fund instead.

I’m betting Fishers still get to keep proceeds.

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron …

To amend, Peskin should work to refuse to pay for the new fields.

Let the billionaires pay for replacements.

If he can refuse to pay to replace the Elections Director he can refuse to pay to put more poison turf back down to cause cancer cancer cancer.

Bring back the rough grass fields with sprained ankles and dandelions and butterflies and dog shit.

Yeah !!


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