Post to ML with international intrigue


Wadda town


Oh, it’s been weirder and more dangerous.

Few years back when Arnie was governor someone came up with the idea of selling the courts in the Civic Center to unnamed Eastern European interests who would then rent our courts back to us.

It was actually sliding through the slimy local political intestines when a guy named Don Casper, I think it was, blew the whistle and from whatever seat he was sitting on whatever body screamed to high hell.

This dawg joined the howl along with many others and the deal got killed.

So did Don.

By a truck while on his morning bike ride.

Driver never caught.

Don also cost members of the Class of 2000 over twenty grand a year out of the more than doubled salary they were awarded by the voters (their staffs used to make more than them so’s they’d be more apt to take bribes but that’s a long story that goes back a hundred and fifty years) …

Casper didn’t like that voter call and engineered a sizable cut.

See what happens to Watch dawgs who actually have an effect?

What I’m saying here is that it seems to always go back to land/property use doesn’t it.

On arresting a Chinese billionaire on behest of US ?

Didn’t they also arrest the daughter of the big software Chinese billionaire company too ?

And, assassinated a Russian billionaire’s daughter ?

Raises the Socio/Political question …

Why do our billionaires hate their billionaires ?

Onto a far more important matter and Dawg’s opinion …

I think that Brock Purdy will pay this evening if he has to get loaded down with more drugs than Hunter Thompson ever took.


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