How smart are you really ??


Once again I’m passing on a new Lex Fridman conversation …

Learn Survival and teach it to everyone you know.

For instance, did you know that you have to stay inside out of radiation for 7 days after a nuclear attack basically and when you go out to get water always have a lid on your container and take your water from under the surface of the water cause radiation floats.

Also, learn morse code or at least write it on a sheet cause with whistles or mirrors or fucking smoke signals, I don’t know, you can create an emergency network faster than you think and pretty soon have yourself a regular ‘After the Big One’ kind of kiosk filled market put together out of and in the rubble kinda like they did in the dump up in Sonoma … ??

Go Niners and enjoy the Fridman Podcast and give to Mission Local these last days of their drive and of course (as Eskenazi made a ref to only I’d see) …

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Brock’s performance was great but Roman gladiators who had their abdomens split in battle were known to go back into battle with their innards taped back into place.

Someone was bragging about something someone had done politically that was brave and went on and on until I interrupted …

"The bravest thing I ever saw was a drunken Boris Yeltsin crawl up on top of a tank in Red Square surrounded by troops and announce that he was from that moment on, Outlawing the Communist Party in Russia.

Now, drunk or not …

that took a pair

Still, Purdy’s one of my new heroes I’m still afraid to give my heart to.

That goes to Shanahan for having his players call him, ‘Kyle’ and can rotate his million ‘scheme’ inspirations into plays where Kurt Warner could still come in preaching Jesus and complete 11 in a row like Brock did last night.

Talk about a well designed and temperamentally Feng Shui gang.

They complement one another and compliment one another too.

We’re watching the Niners Dynasty reborn.

Biggest similarity between this team and the early Nineties I think it was first Dynasty Team was that it was just as much fun to watch them play Defense as it was to watch the Offense with Montana for God’s sake! on the Field.

Longer other team held ball the better.

You knew Lott would risk a concussion with a head first tackle and shake the ball loose eventually and by Ronnie I mean the whole team.

This team’s like that.

No matter where the Offense leaves it, I’m always excited to see this Defense take the Field.

Huh ??


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