“I think we’re alone now … doesn’t seem to be anybody else around.”


I believe my blog site has violated some kind of laws of physics.

Some days it registers as having no hits at all when I know I’ve gone here to post photos and Sailor Talk columns full of both pure gold and total bullshit.

So, I actually only know of one person other than myself who reads this stuff daily and he hopes to be released on good conduct for the holidays.


I guess I’m making a kind of early Year End statement for my little publication.

It has done its job handsomely.

Given me an outlet for my lifetime writing addiction.

I just can’t stop writing and while I have a drive to write the inspirations down, I’ve never actually cared whether they were published for the most part.

Having an audience of mostly just accidental tourists or zero save myself going back to study what my impulses have birthed.

Like many writers my material can come so fast and furious and ‘other you’ that you can’t get away from your seat even to take a piss and you’ve suddenly written 20 pages in 20 minutes.

Or, more.

I say that I often write smarter than I am and it’s during bursts of hammering script that this generally happened.

My friends get pissed when I talk like this always giving credit or blame for some pretty amazing events real or imagined to what Neska calls, ‘Source’.

Enuff of that, I am here and alive and my brain works and I’m in excellent shape for a codger and I’m loving old age more than any other time in my life.


I have a military pension for supporting murder and mayhem 60 years ago and the pay was $78.50 a month and now with housing and health care it probably cost five grand a month and I earned every mother fucking penny of it.

Assholes like Mitch McConnell who want to gamble my hard earned retirement money on Wall Street probably won’t affect me cause I’m too old but I’ve had SFHA hustlers go after my housing voucher and the Snap food thing is a scam.

Just got my numbers for next year and I’ll be making $107 total more a month for a total of $1,337.00 which generally leaves me with five dollars or so in my checking account.

I take great care cause it’s so little but I’ve been doing this kind of budget as a single roving adult randy hard working smart male since my divorce in 1973.

Hmmm, three days ago would have been our 55 Wedding anniversary.

I’d have been married to Ayse for 26 years this year.

60 years would be the number for first wife, Mary who came to San Francisco with me in 1966 and we got married in Ely, Nevada on way back.

Franziska the IVth as she called herself and I would be celebrating our 42 anniversary this year and the Cohens were witnesses at that one and the next one too.

That was Ichiko who became the 5th ‘Mrs. B’ in 1984 I think

The second I’m not mentioning along with the third cause that era had so much drugs and sex and rock and roll and revolution two kids and a giant eponymous Jazz Club and the Russians always like now with the Russians as one of my subjects of focus and concern cause I spent so much time, first around and then keeping track of nukes.

I slept within a few feet of nuclear warheads for a 6 month Med cruise and was a shift clerk at a com sta in Morocco keeping track of thousands of them for both the 6th Fleet and Nato.

I wasn’t special.

Hundreds of guys and gals had the same job all over the European theatre.

I arranged to meet a Wren in London on vacation/leave and we gambled on sports contests on Top Secret lines just as the mutineers did in ‘7 Days in May’ …


Don’t know why I went into all of that.

Probably just because as Bevan Dufty said when he snuffed out the chances of Michael Hennessey to be Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco.

He certainly would have been wonderful.

I came

Not a single one of them has ever sent me a birthday card !!


Lived with a chick for 27 of my 78 years and …

Good weed.

Spread some of it around (Erich Pearson and Sparc have been my Compassion benefactors) …

Get a buzz on yourself, you hear ?

Really, I know that Planning had their Xmax (I know, my nouns and shit are old fashioned) …

Planning rocked yesterday after a step by step sensible and modular and completely accurate look at San Francisco in the view of I guess you’d call it a ‘document’ called the 2022 SF Housing Element.

Turns out that housing is a big problem around these parts.

Who knew ??

Well, let me tell you this about that.

I’ve been watching City department heads around here for 40 years and no one even comes close to Dick Sklar.

He was in his 20’s and one of best engineers in country when he took over engineering to rebuild the sewage plant in the Bay View and others had fucked up the job.

He got tired of watching diesel buses burn out engines crawling up Sacramento and looked to the European model and gave us the entire system of overhead cables that Robert Crumb drew so well.

He went on to rebuild the Cable Car lines inside of time and budget then went and build airports across the country and got rich and volunteered to help rebuild the public transportation for the country of Bosnia and I don’t know his connect there but he was concerned enuff to go there and the President of Bosnia called on George Soros in the chaos of rebuilding too.

Y’all know about this ?

Hey, I’ve been a witness to and most importantly, realized that I was watching great things cause I’ve worked and been exposed to so many trades from digging ditches to standing at the trigger to A bombs that I really coup appreciate these things.

Anyway, this guy in Bosnia he asks Soros to design his country a financial system that was safe from people like him … George Soros …

And, Soros did it for free.

And, he asked Dick Sklar to give him a transportation system in his country that was owned by the people and not a corporation.

And, Sklar did it.

While Brugman and others accused Sklar of folding to PG&E when Dick was on SFPUC, the opposite was true.

Skar described himself as a, "red diaper baby" raised by radical parents who hated Con Ed or something like that.

Harvey Rose is my next favorite.

No one knew or knows if he’s still kicking, more about the financial dealings of not just the City of SF but also of every fucker who ever added a bathroom to their house or tried to run a scam on Treasure Island or the Ship Yard or …

Harvey’s best line for me after auditing a Willie contract with a friend for services on TI …

"it looks like a straight giveaway to me."

Da boy don’t mince words.

Gonzalez is next because he not only cut the powers of SF mayors by around 40 percent in the deliberative bodies having partial or total authority over every division of City Social, Business and Infrastructure management on City real estate …

Gonzo, had the vision for the future also and it was the boy from McAllen who was chief advocate for our present Ranked Choice Voting system and gave the people reps on the Police Commission.

And, the Elections Commission.

And, the Planning Commission.

And, the Board of Appeals.

There were more and they still stand and god knows what kind of shit Breed’s handlers would pull if she had the kind of power Willie Brown used to wield.

I watched him fire a member of the Planning Commission for a single vote on a project …

"We all have to be together on this."

that’s what willie said.

Matt’s probably the only Board President who never said a single word to the Mayor during their entire tenure.

Willie was shady and Matt only had so much energy so he ignored it when first Willie and then Gavin did shit like putting brand new entirely unneeded sprinkler and lighting systems in Golden Gate Park sometimes inches apart and fully operational.

Matt looked forward cause he always only intended to serve 4 years and Sophie Maxwell’s double-crossing Peskin on their BOS prez contest had left Matt a BOS prez and he started doing stuff like …

Had a Scottish, I think, company named Hydro-Venturi come in and show how they could put concrete clocks with concave sides to constrict the Pacific Ocean and pull air thru hollow (note that thre are no moving parts to shatter below surface or windmills above)

so, the power of the waves has a Venturi effect and Sucks Air Like it could suck a golf ball through a garden hose if you get the reference.

Like steam runs and engine and electricity and gas and wood …

This Hydro-Venturi machine runs the above Ocean generator plant which also has no emissions.

Fucking, amazing presentations.

There are enuff depressions in the SF Bay to drop a half dozen of these stations which would power the entire Bay area with Zero fuel cost in the Generating process.

Newsom killed the Project when he was elected Mayor but the cock sucker had the nerve to allow his people to say recently that it was Gavin’s idea to do the Tidal Project.

Mother fucker killed it !!

Just as he tried to kill Ammiano’s, ‘Healthy San Francisco’, the first Cuban-like total free health coverage for a local population.

I heard Tom tell a story once of Gavin himself phoning Tom to complain just because Tom worked on the project (Healthy San Francisco) …

just because Tom spent over 10 years creating Healthy San Francisco people were giving Tom credit and Gavin wanted the credit.

Don’t worry, this won’t hurt my buddy, Gavin in his Presidential run, it is Destiny this old Hippie says and I’m loving watching it.

Willie once said:

"If you come to me with a good idea by the time you leave the office if will me, ‘Our’ idea.

By the time you reach the street it will be, MY idea.

I don’t have a problem with that kind of shit.

Long as a job get’s done.

So, I’m spending few days shutting myself in to try and learn how to work my iPhone into a Recording Studio along with my other iPhone and 4 computers and two cameras USB cameras, one with high quality ten foot woven extension …

That’s about 8 cameras and Monkey Brains provides the Band Width for like thirty bucks a month.

Posting on a service is $15 and if I can learn how to use all this stuff by myself I can run a one man operation which is a must at this point in my life.

At one gathering after an election at El Rio the Bullldog filming was run by Tony De Renzo with Walter Wong’s techie bodyguard running the operation of a half dozen cameras over a crowd of couple hundred.

El Rio is great place to film.

So, let me work on getting more storage for my cameras product.

Niners Defense I’m sending Hippie good vibes your way …

Don’t know about you but I dot outta watching/being emotionally involved with baseball during this Pandemic ….

blah blah

50 to 70 Cartels in Mexico ?

I’m gonna watch Lex Fridman …


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