I told you so on Christian McCaffrey when we were 3-4 !!!


I normally don’t like to do the, ‘I told you so !!’ whooping war dance around the room after something unless someone else was telling me I was wrong in the first place and no one called me out on saying we were going to the Super Bowl because of the trade so I’ll just be content to do my ‘Presidential Stride’ and fist pump alone around my mini-palatial surroundings.

Say, huh ??

I’m gonna tell you something here that I don’t tell everyone.

Well, I guess I am doing just that now.

With the ascendency of Brock Purdy tho, I just had to comment.

The Pentecostal Churches turn out some amazing people

That’s a headline with no period at the end.

I was raised in one of them (they had no national umbrella organization then far as I know, mostly small group back in the woods speaking in tongues and knocked to the floor by the power of the Spirit) …

Yeah, my pop did his own preaching.

Had to.

Tossed out of every single church and extended to his family.

But, he persevered and from his position as dock worker, organized the St. Louis Kroger docks for the Teamsters for nothing and got beaten up and they cut an elevator cable trying to kill him til Hoffa got pop another job at McDonnell Douglas pushing a broom with pop’s taped up broken ribs which I thought of when I watched Brock Purdy yesterday and I’ve had cracked ribs too and you can’t even inhale a full lung of pot when you’re in that condition.

Other profoundly humble and devoted people I’ve met and seen in my life who were totally devoted …

James Alexander Brown (pop)

Ellen Elizabether Clemens-Gamble (mom)

George Gascon (what an earthly warm and sincere human) Bobby

Evans (same thing as Gascon guy that looks you in eye with a gentleness instead of suspicion)

Steve Young


Reggie White

Chritian McCaffrey

and now …

Brock Purdy

I’m watching the Niners being interviewed after their Seattle division winning game last evening and they are so fucking young.

Really, and, they call their head coach, ‘Kyle’ like he’s not a god or something and that is such a nice democratic sound when you get used to it.

At first when you hear it, it’s like, ‘this person must be teacher’s pet to call coach by his first name’ and it turns out they ALL call him, ‘Kyle’.

Call you imagine a Green Bay player saying after winning an NFL Championship would say:

"Yeah, Vince made some good calls out there … "

Times change.

Other thing that hits me in these player interviews is that the team clearly runs a Castro District level of role playing and acting ranging from facial contortions to simulated injury to fool the other team.

I was watching Purdy yesterday and he got around 20 yards in penalty yards against Seattle just by has ‘hard calls’ (whatever that is) and facial contortions and George Kittle was talking about practicing faking a bad block and falling to the ground before leaping up when the defenders are confused and grabbing a 50 yard touchdown.

Geez, wonder if they all fake it in bed sometimes ??


So, like I said when we were 3-4 and got CMC I wanna repeat now to no one in particular and to everyone …

" We’re going to the Super Bowl !! "


" I told you sooooo !! "

Noam Chomsky says to favor the ousted and jailed President in Peru.


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