Dominion Voting Machines control 28 states and can be hacked


Wish people would start commenting on some of my columns.

The machines used in San Francisco can be hacked and the Dominion Sales rep pretty much admitted to same if you take the comment he made about having "San Francisco greased of wired or whatever he said that meant whatever you want"

Every year at the Annual Hackathon which is held someplace whose name I forgot …

They have an area filled with voting machines and invite hackers to give em a try.

Couple of years ago an 11 year old was able to hack into the Florida State voting system.

You just don’t know how good the protections are with a Proprietary Code and it’s ALWAYS gonna be thataway.

Obvious answer is to give every jurisdiction Open Source Voting and end all the shit.

Know why we don’t ??

Cause too many of the people presently holding elected office either suspect or outright know that their victory was a fixed horse race.

Nothing else makes sense.

In San Francisco I don’t believe that London Breed ever won a single election.

How’s she beat Dean Preston, best Tenants Lawyer in California in a district that was 70% tenants ??

Dominion fixed the results is what I’m guessing.

Hey, I don’t claim to have any outright knowledge of this shit.

Reread my Bulldog Motto and Masthead again …

"Often wrong but Never silent"

That’s why it surprised me when London favored John’s ouster at first.

I’m not even saying that Arntz himself has a hand in rigging certain elections and certainly not all of them as Prop H won.

I’m just saying that he’s way too close to this Sales Rep for Dominion who actually used Arntz as a reference on something.

The horror is this is that Trump could be right and that the Dominion machines in the Swing States which were every single one voting and then having their votes counted by a Secret Proprietary Algoritm.

I don’t believe that one at all.

I do believe, however, that Bernie Sanders beat the shit out of Joe Biden on Super Tuesday.

What was the other topics no one writes about ??

Yeah, no one writes about WHY people walk 5,000 miles with their children to get away from their native countries.

Nice land to raise things on down there.

Beautiful shorelines.

Precious metals and better weather than up North.

Well, here’s what dis Dawg thinks is why those people are coming in over ten thousand a week begging for Refuge.

American Corporations are at Fault for the Immigration Problem !!!

They saw all that wealth and went down and stole every fucking coca leaf and emerald and barrel of oil and banana and lumber and oil they could get their hands on and still are.

When the people resisted and elected leaders we tossed em in jail or forced them to another country or killed them.

The elected President of Peru is presently in Jail.

Imprisoned by the Rich who appear to control the military right now.

That would change and Noam Chomsky predicted exactly this down to the minutest detail cause he is still the best mind in the World.

We installed dictators who murdered and tortured and enslaved the native populations and if the people drove that one out the U.S. Marines arrived and soon there was another dictator to watch you ass against.


Let’s see the New York Times do a series listing every single country South of the Mexican border and the history of American … let’s just say … ‘Activity in the Region’ …

None of these son of a bitches talk about the big WHY our Private Party suddenly started getting crowded.

Hell, there’s plenty of room here especially if you include Canada in the deal and you can bet they’d love it.

Nobody works harder than a grateful immigrant.

Go Niners !!

Can I use you for a reference ??

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