My sister sent me this as part of exchange


This is about the bravest thing anyone ever did.

Little girl, one of two survivors of Sandy Hook crawled out as the gunman went to next room to kill other children …

she got her teacher’s cell phone and called 911 and offered to let the Police in the Hall inside …

More, from my big sister, Loretta Daly …


Loretta Daly

9:45 AM (14 hours ago)
to me

Yes, the little girl was one of I think it was only two that lived. The other was a little boy who also hid under a table cloth-covered table. There is a recording from the 911 call the little girl made. The operator could hear the crying of the dying children and told the little girl to quiet them so they would not be shot again. The little girl told the others to "Shhhh" – but of course they were not able to stop and did die – many shot multiple times..

I send this because with thinking about Chris dying and the kids at Sandy Hook it hit me that I should work on my Bulldog Student Security Program.

Where’s that Folder ??


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