Readers Survey … Should I ban Elon Musk from da Dawg ??

Morning Campers,

It’s a tough decision banning any reader.

I used to give em Time-Outs back in the day.

Not enuff to save the barrel from the rotten apple anymore.

Or, should I step down as Leader of da Dawg Pack ??

Naw, that’s just crazy talk there.

Doesn’t make any sense for me to quit and go away.

Mathematically, I mean.

Since I’m the only employee things would get pretty quiet around here.

Kind of like my Saturday afternoon Bulldog Salons.

Not a single guest for month or more.

Don’t make me no never none.

I just keep cleaning the place and putting a fresh roll of tp on the back of my toilet.

And, Musk thinks he has trouble.

I didn’t vote against the guy if it’s any consolation for him.

Not possible.

Never joined.

Over a billion viewers and I missed the boat.

Naw, and while I love to talk to others constantly I just have always considered that for me Facebook and Twitter are Time Sinks and Actuarial numbers say I’m already past my Shelf Life and better not waste time if I can help it.

So, this should I ban Elon stuff or not isn’t worth my Precious Time either.

You can keep reading the Bulldog, Musk.

Just keep your fucking opinions to yourself.

Anything else ??

Go Niners !!


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