I lost 11 pounds in 72 hours then gained back 3 pounds in next 48 hours


For me it’s lots easier to manipulate my weight this last year.

I began 2 years ago as heavy whiskey drinker pot smoking grouch.

I weighed 184 lbs.

Got Cirrhosis and gave up booze to live tho I was fortunate and it didn’t bother me at all and I can be around people drinking and it doesn’t bother me but I don’t miss it one bit and keep couple half liters of gin in my freezer with jars of frozen Mi Tierra strawberries.

On my weight.

Gave me 6 mos. to 2 years to live so I quit drinking and got back to walking 90 minutes a day generally up at least one good hill in the course and thanking god I spent the previous 70 years working my ass off or running marathons for a hobby.

Let’s just say, ego aside, I had a good base to go back to if I only cared.

The Cirrhosis made me care and I went on a strict liver friendly diet and dropped 50 pounds down to 134 over the 2 year period.

My BMI for my size and the like is 130-132.

Got down to 115 by last day of working hard in Clarion Alley.

Did bunch of days sleeping 12 hours over last month and half and stuffed myself on tapioca pudding and the like and got back up to 133 but decided I like way I look naked at 125 pounds so I did juice fast over last weekend and lost 11 pounds in 3 days which shocked me.

Don’t be alarmed for me; I’ve done this many times before.

When I trained all day (literally, with breaks 6-8 hour days) I’d regularly lose 5 or 6 pounds in a day and gain most of it back drinking beer and eating pizza.

Didn’t know I could still do that.

Weighed in at 125 pounds this morning on my generous antique 50’s heavy enamel floor scales (VA says I weigh 5 lbs more but I prefer my scales – Trump Think) …

This is just a health check folks cause I lose papers.

A new medication (Amlodipine Besylate 2.5mg daily) and it drops my blood pressure to 110/50 and Dr. Schlitt at VA started me at 5.0 mgs as a substitute for Sildenafil at 100mgs daily.

Whatever I end up with will be with me the rest of my life to keep me from losing fingers and toes.

Before my sisters the retired nurses saw my pics of my toes and fingers and diagnosed it had gotten a couple of dozen of nasty 2 inch or so ischemic lesions covering tops of all toes and some on sides of foot.

In short, not getting enuff oxygenated blood there and cells were dying.

Girls said I need a vasodilator and I was already getting the sildenafil but was dividing it into weekends and the Mayo Clinic said to take it 5 days in a row to see if it works then continue for life if it does.

It was amazing.

3 months of the 6 days in a row regimens has cleared up my toes and hands of lesions but the basic problem of Raynauds continues and it is just one symptom of my heart failing gradually (plaque building left ventricle) to get enuff blood to my toes and fingers and it needs help and that’s sildenafil but in between Dr. Schlitt said I skipped a stage and been taking the Amlodipine Besylate but it only lowers my blood pressure and while the Raynauds goes away after first two days of six day regimen, with AB it remains.

Sure as hell lots better than it was 6 months ago.

Ahhh, getting old.

No substitue.


Then again, I guess there is.


I’m gonna go try to walk over 21st Street Hill from Mission Street and back.

Cut and Run for Ten Large !!

After nuclear weapons, Over-Population is Earth’s greatest immediate Danger!

Go Niners !!


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