Adopt an Immigrant ??


Biden should partner with the Canadians and immediately open a North American Refugee Program.

Acronym: NARP

Virtually everyone on my mailing list (I include 28 of a couple of hundred) …

Almost everyone I know could take in an immigrant.

Many of you could support an entire family for a bit.

Lots of you even have multiple residences.

And, I’m certain many of your friends are the same.

Tyler Fagan, you’re new to this group so I’ll ask you to put this forward as a suggestion to your boss.

We need ALL Americans to back this effort.

It is in line with what ALL your religions teach.

Take in the Traveler.

Help the stranger and Downtrodden.

Hell, the Polish people did it !!

They took in 2 million and their government didn’t do it all, the People Did !!

We can do that here.

Angela, meet Tyler Fagan.

I’m asking him to suggest this North American Refugee Program to Josh Hawley.

I’m asking you to suggest it to Joe Biden.

You’re the only one I know who knows him personally.

That takes care of messaging this inspiration to the Right and Left.



North American Refugee Program

Remember folks, there’s nobody more motivated than a desperate refugee.

They will enrich your lives and those of your families forever.

Be a Real Santa this year.

Ideas ??

Go Niners !!


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