‘Luck’ of the Irish?


Ever have one of those runs of good luck in small things that make you kinda whisper to yourself, ‘can this go on, I don’t want to jinx it’ ??

Just getting ready to put a toothpick in the stub of a cigar when cell rang.

UPS delivering my fresh cigars from Thompson’s !!

I get box of 30 General Grants for forty bucks and 5 Five dollar a shot Astral Talanga Valley beauties.

I clipped one of the big cigars and fired it up.

A tip to the gods with some upwards smoke.

The Hippie Way.


You loving the rain like I am ?

Watching really bad bio of Putin on Front Lines.

Switched to reporter in center of Bahkmut interviewing 8 year old girl who is last child left in city 90% bombed out.

Little girl has battery power in center of flying missiles and seems calm.

She’s watching tic tock

Go Niners !!


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