NARP creates two Registrations … Volunteer & Immigrant


Like a dating service only different.

In this one, organizations from churches, to charities like Knights of Columbus … I’m betting Americans would check out ‘adoptable’ immigrants to sponsor for however long.

National NARP registries in the U.S. and Canada will do it.

Maybe list skills ?

An artist volunteering to house an immigrant in their studio might lean toward taking in a welder.

That kind of thing.

I know a widow who lives alone and could use a gardener.

Just go to the registry.

Need onsite security for your place in Tahoe ?


I laugh but I spent years house and pet sitting and couch surfing and I don’t know how that relates but I did.

So there.

What are you waiting for ?

We’re done here.

Go check the Immigrant Registry and see if there’s anyone or maybe an entire family that you can help.

Go Niners !!


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