Benefactor writes much in my Irish cadence


From bro Smiyth to support my work on stuff like …

Cut and Run for Ten Large ??

Biden/Hawley … Give us NARP NOW 11

That’s, ‘North American Refugee Program’

First, our government must admit that Capitalists backed by the United States Military …

Want to keep the Yankees out ??

Capitalists reply …


The United States is responsible for the deplorable conditions in countries South of our border which should be full of wealthy countries with fat happy people and no poverty.

It can be that.

Right now the United States is in the tough spot of having to concentrate on a bloody Diplomatic Triage at our Southern Border and the immediate solution must be to allow everyone in even if that means a couple of million people in a month.

Poland fucking did it !!!

We’re lots richer than Poland.

It’s about skin color isn’t it ??

Again, first talk to Canada about splitting the Refugee population with us as agreeable to all and get those buses and trains going.

Not to a Refugee/Concentration Camp in Texas but to San Francisco and St. Louis and Philly and all of these towns that have lost half of their core city populations (OK, SF not so much) …

Two Lists



Go Niners !!


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