Canadian/U.S. Partnership can solve Immigration Problem at our South Border


This is gonna sound like a broken bullshit line but I see the millions of immigrants who want to immigrate North as a huge Opportunity.

First we caused the fucking problem in the First place.

I’m being generous to the Predatory Corporations who did the real damage with their American Foreign Capital ventures.

I’ll work on the problem they created.

That’s what I’m here for at the moment.

Imagine a Future

Imagine a Future

Imagine a Future when there are entire sections online and in Printed versions of Newspapers …

Starving and abused people who are strong and talented call out to you.

Read their ads.

They clean and dig and make jewelry and clothes and are musicians …

And, on the other Registry of Sponsors is you.

Cause you applied and it was a simple procedure.

A week and you were cleared and on the ISR (‘Immigrant Sponsor Registry’)

You can allow wanabe North Americans to contact you directly during Process.

Or, not.

I can see people talking and laughing about this a hundred years from now.

The conversation this ole dawg imagines:

Teacher: "How did President Biden solve the American Border problem?

Student: "What’s a ‘Border’?"

Go Niners !!


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